Den Hartigh Serviceproviding is an insurance service provider specialising in a number of ‘niche markets’ and is also the holding company of the following formulas:

We also provide our back office services within existing financial systems or corporate websites.

We provide full back office services for the following companies.

In addition we provide services for insurance advisers and estate agents serving the consumer and business markets via the following formulas.

The services we offer to intermediaries are unique.

We started at the beginning of the 1990s with a number of niche formulas, now we have grown to become one of the largest niche service providers.

We develop and operate ‘collaboration formulas’ for independent and professional intermediaries.

Insurance intermediaries and brokers consider us as THE business partner who works together with them to achieve joint objectives.

Our simple and clear mission is to provide services, in the broadest sense of the word, to the independent financial intermediary.

We offer interesting services in almost all the areas mentioned above to this special group of enterprises. These services can be provided as a complete formula or as individual modules.

From our head office in Puttershoek, the Netherlands, our team of professionals is constantly working on improving the performance of the intermediaries affiliated to Den Hartigh Serviceproviding.

We do this with knowledge and expertise, but also with pleasure and in a way that enables us to build up a personal relationship with our intermediaries.