ketingThe concept of chain integration is a hot item within our sector. Not surprisingly, because even with the mass use of computers a lot of ‘unnecessary’ work still takes place.

The amount of paperwork in the insurance sector is no longer under control and a large work force is required to manage the flow of information. So it is high time we started to make use of the many different opportunities that the internet has to offer in this area.

In our niche market and for other insurance matters, Den Hartigh Services now offers its affiliated intermediaries chain management in an ideal format. A complete system for you to offer your clients, where the system and the client do most of the work themselves, and so that you have more time for your clients and to advise them.

We can offer the following products:

  • Private labelling, both at policy as well as at collection level.
  • Access to a single online current account.
  • Access to you own online ‘insurance package’.
  • Correctly issued policy documents delivered by post within 2 working days.
  • Option to issue policy documents online and green cards in PDF format via e-mail.
  • Option to issue invoices online via e-mail (via ‘mijn bank’).
  • Option to interface with other market players in a digital policy folder.
  • Free newsletter with current insurance news via e-mail.
  • Always the same contact person.
  • Rapid claim settlement with the option of full outsourcing via our European partner CED Connect and Claims Manager.
  • Central hosting via our European partner (globalswitch).
  • Support for risk assessment per company.
  • Multi-currency option for pan-European programmes.