One of the many advantages of working together with Den Hartigh Services is that you have access to a range of branded products.

These unique products have been developed in close cooperation with our business partners and these are available exclusively to intermediaries affiliated to one of the Den Hartigh Serviceproviding formulas.

We can offer the following products:

  • Private labelling, both at policy as well as at collection level.
  • Access to a single online current account.
  • Access to you own online ‘insurance package’.
  • Correctly issued policy documents delivered by post within 2 working days.
  • Option to issue policy documents online and green cards in PDF format via e-mail.
  • Option to issue invoices online via e-mail (via ‘mijn bank’).
  • Option to interface with other market players in a digital policy folder.
  • Free newsletter with current insurance news via e-mail.
  • Always the same contact person.
  • Rapid claim settlement with the option of full outsourcing via our European partner CED Connect and Claims Manager
  • Central hosting via our European partner (globalswitch).
  • Support for risk assessment per company.
  • Multi-currency option for pan-European programmes.