heftruckDo you use forklift trucks, dumper trucks, generators or heavy equipment? Then you understand the consequences of damage to this type of equipment. Not only the cost of damage or repair, but also the work that comes to a standstill. Our heavy equipment insurance limits this standstill to a minimum and deals with the claims quickly and professionally.

Assemble your own insurance policy for your heavy equipment

The third party liability insurance forms the foundation for our heavy equipment insurance. The third party liability insurance is mandatory for self-propelling heavy equipment, whether or not is it registered to travel on public roads.

Additional cover

For extra peace of mind you can expand this insurance policy to meet your individual needs. You only pay for the cover you need. Select from the following additional categories:

  • Property insurance (for damage to the equipment itself)
  • Underground damage
  • Existing property owned
  • Employer’s liability insurance for Vehicle Drivers (WABM)
  • Vehicle occupant insurance